The ImPossible Network

12 years of research and development is coming to fruition as we put together the final building blocks of what some said was impossible: Secure Access For Everyone.


February 22nd

MaidSafe is founded by David Irvine. His Goal? To create a new global network, ensuring equality of access to the world’s data; Secure Access For Everyone.

Proof of Concept built in Python by David Irvine alone in Czech Republic

David presents at the Google Scalability Conference in Seattle

All core patent applications published

Early version of Network available in Python


Entire system rewritten in C++ for improved efficiency


David donates all his shares (80% of company) to create the MaidSafe Foundation, and the Employee Benefit Trust


9 months testing components of the technology with the NHS


Vault code rewritten from scratch—4 years of work overwritten

Smaller, more focused research team rewriting and implementing code on various MaidSafe libraries


30 day crowdsale hits target in under 3 days


Switch from C++ to Rust


Test 1

Feb 2016

Client test. Release of ΩSAFE Launcher and the SAFE Demo App enabling users to create their own account, and to store/retrieve private data.

Test 3

May 2016

The first iteration of enabling users run vaults.

Alpha 1

Aug 2016

Enabling Users to access MaidSafe-managed nodes using the SAFE Launcher to use several demo applications

Test 9

Sep 2016

Enable users to send and receive SAFE Email. This new functionality also serves as the first developer tutorial.


Test 15

Mar 2017

Enable user to run their own Vaults from home using TCP port forwarding or UPnP

Test 17

July 2017

The authenticator is bundled with the SAFE Browser and Web Hosting Manager demo app released

Alpha 2

Sep 2017

The Authenticator: incorporating a more secure form of network access now bundled with the SAFE Browser, Web Hosting Manager, and SAFE Mail.

HQ Office move in Scotland

Android version of SAFE Browser & SAFE Messages released


Front-End office opened in Chennai, India

SAFE Devcon 2018: First European Developers Conferenence

PARSEC White Paper Published

PARSEC Code Released


Java API for Mobile Development


Integration of PARSEC in a dynamic permissionless network where nodes are free to join and leave

Introduction of Disjoint groups with secure message relay

Enabling disjoint groups to merge and split whilst maintaining consensus

Secure Message Relay

Integration with SOLID


Secure Autonomous Network: an autonomous secure routing layer that will see the network architecture becoming more decentralised, enabling users to run routing nodes and providing secure transient data in the process


Secure autonomous data services: addition of a storage layer through the reintroduction of user-run Vaults facilitating a much broader range of decentralised apps and use cases


Data republish (ability to upgrade the network without deleting all the data)

A security audit of the network

Test Safecoin

Real-time network upgrades

Network validated upgrades

Live Network Launch