Press Kit

The SAFE Network is an open source, decentralised data and communications network that replaces data centres and servers with the spare computing resources of its users.

Project Aims

The SAFE Network aims to protect the World’s data, providing privacy, security and freedom to everyone on the planet.

About Safecoin

Safecoin is the mechanism that incentivises the provision of resources by the network, measuring and rewarding value without waste. No proof of work, and no blockchain.

What the SAFE Network means for Press Freedom

With its decentralised architecture and no central control, the SAFE Network is highly censorship-resistant. Content can be published instantly and anonymously without the knowledge of any third party. No more suppressing stories that need to be told, whilst the identity of the author (and any sources) can also be kept private.

New revenue stream

In today’s centralised web, monetising content relies on advertising—regardless of the cost to data privacy.

On the SAFE Network, monetisation will come from Safecoin. Content creators will be able to tag their content and optionally receive micropayments from content readers. In essence, a publishing service with a revenue stream built-in.

The punk rock internet—how DIY ​​rebels ​are working to ​replace the tech giants

HBO’s “Silicon Valley” turns to real-world startup MaidSafe for its decentralized Internet

“...the literal opposite of fly-by-night crypto opportunists. They’ve been working on decentralized networking since long before the space became the hot, hyped thing it is now.”

Interview Request

If you would like to write about us, feel free to get in touch via This is obviously not a requirement, but we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have and make time for an interview if required.


Safe Network Logo

Logo pack containing both black and white logos in PNG, SVG and EPS formats.

All SAFE Network logos and images by Dusan Sevarikaare made available via Creative Commons Attribution - ShareAlike 4.0

Image Pack

Print ready editorial photographs and imagery, ready to be added to your piece.

PARSEC White Paper

Get all the detail on our highly asynchronous, Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus mechanism.