It’s the dawn of a new web. Be part of creating it.

The SAFE Network is an Open Source and collaborative effort between developers and the community using it. You can get involved by testing, suggesting, coding, or promoting. Here’s how.

Be part of the community

The SAFE Network community is comprised of thousands of people from all over the world passionate about the unfettered access and sharing of data. is the main discussion forum of this growing community and is a great place to help test new releases by the development teams, receive support, discuss the latest Internet trends and read the weekly dev updates. To meet others in person, take a look at the various meetups taking place around the world.

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Get the SAFE Browser

The SAFE Browser is the Network’s dedicated web browser. Use it to access the Alpha test network—just download and start browsing.

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Browse the Test Network using the SAFE Browser.

Test the Network

SAFE represents a step change in technology, and how we’ll all interact with the web and our own data. A leap as big as this requires continuous testing and feedback from the people who it is designed for—and that’s where you can help.

The network is currently in Alpha testing, meaning that it lacks some features, and will contain bugs that could make the network unstable. By running these earlier versions and providing feedback via the forum you will be not only helping to improve future releases, you will be helping to shape the new Internet.

Ready to use Apps or add Data?

When you are ready to use Apps, or to try adding data to the Alpha network, you’ll use the browser’s built in Authenticator to create and manage your Safe Account.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting up and running.

Start Developing

The SAFE Network is a platform for creating decentralised applications. It is secure, privacy focussed, has a built-in revenue stream, and next to no infrastructure costs.

If you’re interested in developing apps you will find all the tools you need on our DevHub, such as key concepts, APIs and documentation.

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Core Development

You can also get involved by helping to maintain the Networks underlying open source libraries. As we reach beta launch it will be possible to be compensated in Safecoin for fixing bugs, optimising code and developing new features.

Join the Developer Community

In addition to the developer hub, we also have a growing developer community. It’s a great way to get support and collaborate.

Developer Forum

Getting Started: Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need in order to browse the SAFE Network?

You need to download and install the SAFE Browser to connect to the network.

To download:

The latest version of the SAFE Browser is always available on GitHub here:


To install:

  1. Open your downloads folder.
  2. Extract the contents of the ZIP you downloaded in the first stage (generally just double-clicking on the file will do it).
  3. Move the file to where you want to keep it (Perhaps your Desktop).
  4. Double-click the SAFE Browser app to open it and start browsing!

Do I need an account to access the network?

It depends what you want to do.

Browsing the SAFE Network’s websites:

No account is required. To view SAFE websites, all you need to do is to download the SAFE Browser (currently available on Windows, Mac and Linux).

Storing on the network:

Yes, you’ll need an account to perform an action that requires storing any new data or modifying any existing data on the SAFE Network. By 'storing' we mean activities like:

  • hosting websites
  • file storage
  • email applications
  • instant messaging
  • etc.

How do I create an account?

Here’s a step-by-step Guide:

  1. Download and Install the SAFE Browser.
  2. Register on the forum, it takes less than a minute.
  3. Gain basic trust level—this requires around an hour reading and interacting. This is a measure to stop the test network being spammed during development.
  4. Open the SAFE browser.
  5. Click ‘Create Account’ at the bottom of the screen.
  6. In the next screen select ‘Claim An Invitation’.
  7. Login to the forum within the SAFE Browser, the setup process will prompt you to do this if you have not already done so.
  8. Select the Alpha 2 Network.
  9. The installer will now provide you with your invitation code. Please note: it is important that your current and registered IPs match, if they do not, click to update.
  10. Copy the invite code at the bottom of the screen and paste this back into the field that asks for an ‘Invitation Token’ in the SAFE Browser.
  11. You will now be asked to create an Account Secret and Password. Please make sure you keep these safe as only you will ever have access to your credentials. There is no central record of these credentials anywhere within the system and without them you will not be able to access your data.
  12. Congratulations! You are now ready to not just browse the SAFE Network, but upload your own data, create websites and use some of the demo apps being worked on by the community.

How do I get involved with The SAFE Network community?

The Community is most active on the SAFE Network Forum and we’d suggest starting in the beginners section

Visit the Forum

How do I get help?

The SAFE Network Community is the place to head to for all questions on the Network.

Visit the Forum