It’s the dawn of a new web.
Help us create it.

The Safe Network is an Open Source and collaborative effort between developers and the community using it. You can get involved by testing, suggesting, coding, or promoting. Here’s how.

Try the Safe Network

Safe will change how we’ll interact with the web and our own data. A leap as big as this requires continuous testing and feedback from the people who it is designed for—and that’s where you can help.

Why not join the community over at and be one of many that provide feedback, contribute to code and essentially, help shape the Network. There you can read our weekly updates and be the first to try our latest innovations.

Start Developing on Safe

The Safe Network is a platform for creating decentralised apps. It is secure, privacy focussed, has a built-in revenue stream, and next to no infrastructure costs.

Right now development of simpler, dev-facing APIs is underway. As such documentation is still to be finalised, but you can access the latest Safe API documentation in this repo.

Join the Developer Community

In addition to the developer hub, we also have a growing developer forum. It’s a great way to get support and collaborate.

Help Build the Core Network

You can also get involved by helping to maintain the Networks underlying open source libraries. As we reach beta launch it will be possible to be compensated in Safe Network Tokens for fixing bugs, optimising code and developing new features.

Be part of the community

The Safe Network community is comprised of thousands of people from all over the world passionate about the unfettered access and sharing of data.

The Safe Network Forum is the main discussion forum of this growing community and is a great place to help test new releases by the development teams, receive support, discuss the latest Internet trends and read the weekly dev updates. To meet others in person, take a look at the various meetups taking place around the world.